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November 2, 12 - 6pm
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Mary Sitwell and My Room Rocks

Hi! My name is Mary Sittler, and I am the owner/operator of My Room Rocks. As a young girl, my friend Robin and I would create the most elaborate bunch of miniature rooms under the pretense of playing Barbies.

We used whatever scraps we could find to make furniture, windows, etc. We worked so long on the rooms that Barbie and Ken just had to sit at the movies and be quiet! Watching my three daughters play Barbies, I saw the same thing happening. We had a room in the basement we called 'Barbie Land' and each daughter had their own area to set up. And set up they did! Their respective areas soon became elaborate rooms similar to the ones I made as a child. Empty boxes and scraps of fabric became a valuable commodity. I started finding things to help the girls be more creative in their decorating. I was so impressed by the fun they were having designing that I decided to make it into a business. Voila, My Room Rocks was born.

I hope you have the opportunity to stop by our store & check us out. Thanks for visiting my website!