We're hosting our Annual Birthday Bash celebrating Girl Scouts Founder, Juliette Gordon Low
November 2, 12 - 6pm
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party hatFor the birthday girl:

Let your birthday girl gather items from the MRR Girls Gift Shop in our colorful shopping basket. MRR has such a wonderful selection, she will have no trouble finding cool stuff she would love to receive from her friends - regardless of her age. Download our Gift Registry Card to send out with your party invitations - what could be easier. The birthday girl will receive what she REALLY wants, parents save time, and there are no dublicate gifts. It's a win-win for everyone.

You do NOT have to have a MRR birthday party to register.

Gift Registry card

For the birthday guest.

Call or come by and pick out an item you know the birthday girl REALLY wants. MRR will gift wrap the item so you can be on your way. In a hurry, call us and you can make a purchase over the phone. We will have your item in a gift bag ready for pick up. All you have to do is sign the gift card.

Thanks for shopping at My Room Rocks!

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